Introducing Vyura

Where can I find X?

How much does X cost?

How many times have you asked or had someone ask you these questions?

To answer these questions you can either go online and get the information from your local store website, call the store and ask for the information, or you stop by the store and get the information.

We are working on several assumptions here;

Assumption one is that the store has an online presence along with their product catalog available, something that's unfortunately not true for most stores in Kenya at the moment.

Assumption two is that you have the store's number readily available, which is most often not the case. Trying to get the store's contact information online often leads you back to square one.

The only reliable way to get the information is going physically to the store which is inconvenient and a huge time waster since you will probably have to visit several stores before getting the exact product that you are looking for.

With the rapid penetration of Internet both web and mobile, we believe that shoppers should have access to more choice, as well as clear and plentiful information in terms of reviews and product recommendations from people they trust, their own friends.

So where does vyura come in?

vyura is a social shopping platform that connects shoppers to products, stores and fellow shoppers. They can easily find and discover new products, share and recommended products to their friends while earning points which they can redeem on the site for discounts, gifts and other great rewards.

There is still a bit left to be done before we launch but you are welcome along for the ride as we make shopping a seamless and social experience once again.